Power Prayer ministry is about hearing the voice of God, obeying His will, being released to your calling through inner healing and intimate love relationship with Jesus.

God's calling in our lives

Through inner healing and knowing God we will be released to our own callings. When we have courage to trust in the leading of the Holy Spirit and walk in the steps that He has prepared for us beforehand we’ll see the will of God unfolding and coming true in our lives.

For we are His masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus for good works that God prepared long ago to be our way of life. Eph. 2:10

Things that we see important in Power Prayer ministry:

How did the Power Prayer ministry start ?

Power Prayer ministry started in November 2016 from one question: “How do you hear the voice of God so quickly ?” I decided to organize one home meeting where I’ll share and teach about prophetic as many people had asked me before that I would start to mentor them. I asked from the Holy Spirit who should I invite to that meeting and invited those people. I decided to have that meeting with the concept that “ask and I will answer to you”. That meeting surprised all of us completely and was changed from the initial thought to a meeting where we were practising prophetic. That night was awesome and the presence of the Holy Spirit so strong that everybody wanted to continue those meetings. So we came together again for a couple of times. When we had come together for 4 times we decided to invite other prophetic thirsty people to join us. From this point the ministry started to expand and I started to lead small groups where every group came together 3 times during the year all around the capital area. More people joined those groups and the thirst that people had towards God was tangible.

In the fall 2017 I started to lead seminars in different parts of Finland. At that time I also started to mentor team leaders so that they could lead their own Power Prayer groups. As the ministry expanded we established the Power Prayer association and community to encourage and strengthen those who are involved in the Power Prayer ministry work.

– Miisu Piipari

Therefore, if anyone stops associating with these people, he will become a special utensil, set apart for the owner's use, prepared for every good work. 2 Tim 2:21

Power Prayer - Leadership team

Miisu Piipari

Ministry leader

Miisu Piipari is the carrier of the vision and the leader of the Power Prayer ministry. She has been a member of the ESY Church since 1999 and she is right now part of the leadership team of the ESY Church. The Power Prayer ministry is under the authority of the ESY Church.

Prayer, praise and worship is close to Miisu’s heart. She operates on a larger scale as an intercessor and a worship dancer/worship dance leader.

Recognizing and releasing the callings of individuals belong to Miisu’s calling. She also teaches and leads seminars and weekend events for example on the following subjects: Hearing the voice of God, Worship dance and Prophetic ministry.

Maarit Korhonen

Home groups

Maarit is in charge of the Power Prayer home groups. She has been leading herself these home groups in the capital city area. Maarit has on her heart to bring people to God’s abundant goodness by using all creative ways of prayer inspired by the Holy Spirit. Dance, drama, joy and God’s healing presence have an important role in Maarit’s prayer ministry. Maarit is married and she is a mother of four kids. During leisure time Maarit reads poems and goes out for jogging in nature.

Markus Lastikka


Markus coordinates the intercession of the Power Prayer ministry. He loves prayer, the presence of Jesus and the Word of God. He wants to grow in faith and in knowing Jesus. The places where Markus has been or is currently ministering are for example Ilpoistenpiiri and Hosea Ministry. He is a member of the Free Church of Turku and he loves to relax by doing sports with friends.

Kirsi Huhtinen


Kirsi is in charge of the media work. She has on her heart to bring God’s love near through the Power Prayer ministry. “I want to give my own gifts to be used so that more and more people could find their uniqueness and position as a child of loving God. God rejoices over you with joy!”

Jaana Koivunen

Support the leadership team and intercession

Jaana has an important role in supporting and interceding for every member of the leadership team. She has on her heart to be a listener and to bring encouragement through the Word of God. Jaana is always helping when help is needed. She is married and a mother of two daughters. Jaana has a special calling to work among immigrants.