Power Prayer camp 3.-7.8.2022 MUURLA, SALO

In the groups, you could taste and experience what Jesus is like in a whole new way. I received a lot to take home with me and to think about.

Such amazing leaders, a safe and relaxed atmosphere. A lot of being set free, I discovered a lot in myself I didn’t know existed before it was being woken to come forth.

– Irene

Power Prayer camp 3.-7.8.2022 MUURLA, SALO

Unhurried time on a journey into God’s love <3
Therapeutic, healing, deepening my relationship with God.

Different exercises in the prophetic were inspiring.

I love it how I was seen and served in a process that emerged on the first day. The fruit: a closer, safer relationship with Jesus

Thank you to the whole team; you are such lovely children of the Father<3

– Tuula

Power Prayer camp 3.-7.8.2022 MUURLA, SALO

The camp has been full of joy, full of time spent together and people showing love for one another – we were like one big family, come together at the request of God.

– Verneri

Power Prayer camp 3.-7.8.2022 MUURLA, SALO

What did you get out of the camp?

Peace. I felt loved. I got the Father’s love back into my heart. Today (for the first time?) I got to experience that I actually like myself. Both with and without makeup. God really is Love, and in this camp I got to experience that.

Over a sense of shame I finally received the restorative love I had longed for. I am no longer an outsider, I belong with others. I received boldness and courage to be me, to be myself. With you, in a safe company, it was possible. I became visible because I was seen as I was and am.


Was something holding you back or keeping you from growing prophetically in the camp?

Tension tried to hold me back, but courage took its place.
Fear of other people’s opinions held me back: Through prayer I fought myself free from it into victory with Jesus: No more shame.
Shame held me back, but He started to remove that from me.
Fear held me back, but Love won.

– Kaisa

Power Prayer -seminar 9.-10.4.2021 KANGASALA

I experienced a really free atmosphere in Kangasala right from the start. I’m usually shy and withdrawn to the side, but I felt like the Holy Spirit would have breathed new strength and courage. The huge fear I usually feel when I perform in front of people was completely gone. In the past, I had struggled with this a lot and experienced that there could be something to share, but I hadn’t dared to do it very often in the church.

The prayer dance was also a faith-strengthening experience because I realized how through it God can speak directly to another person’s heart. I had imagined that no creativity could be found in me and found it wrong. Physically, it was easy to approach God and find a connection through it. Now the prayer dance “lives as a vision” also in the midst of my own congregation.

Sins were also revealed to me, which I thought I had already forgiven and made progress, but which still had an effect in my life that narrowed the dominion of God. I got to experience the liberation of these and I got a new identity/understanding of what I am in the eyes of God. The effects were also seen at home as a closer connection with the husband.

God also unleashed joy over the weekend and it was wonderful to see how accurately God knows and knows us. This came especially through the words of  knowledge through Markus. I also learned how to use the bearer’s gift of grace without burdening too much. Thanks for that Markus!

It was also confirming to notice that my own experiences can be relevant to others and God spoke to others through me as well. Let´s have the courage to share things!

Thanks to Miisu and the team. A good decision of my life was to attend the weekend. I highly recommend to others!

– Anne (Mirella)

Prophetic and praise 6.-7.12.2019 KOUVOLA

Awesome equipping day!
The Holy Spirit freed from control and pride & human fear after repentance.
I felt that the fire of the Holy Spirit began to burn within me. In addition, I felt that I was allowed to receive
the gift of healing. Thank you Jesus, Miisu and team!
– Hannele

Prophetic and praise 6.-7.12.2019 KOUVOLA

The Lord encouraged and comforted today. He reminded of many things He has talked about before. It was a joy and a great freedom to praise and dance before the Lord.

– Taina

Prophetic and praise 6.-7.12.2019 KOUVOLA

Free atmosphere – I was encouraged to try new and cross borders. In an exercise of singing in tongues I got a whole new language (before only a couple of syllables). There were an appropriate number and types of exercises.

*  *  *

Good teaching and nice to get into practicing and getting more free.

Power Prayer Seminar 30.11.2019 VEIKKOLA

I can be small, weak and incomplete. He is all in all. Love is kind and infinite. In a kind atmosphere I have been able to learn to listen to the Holy Spirit more accurately and to relax in His presence.
– Sirkku

Power Prayer Seminar 30.11.2019 VEIKKOLA

Good teacher leading us to God’s creative action and to learn it, into exercises which were diverse and challenged me and us. Thank you for teaching and encouragement, fun day.
– Sari

Power Prayer Seminar 30.11.2019 VEIKKOLA

Interaction during the day was outstanding. Everybody was embraced as they are and everybody is respected by their giftings and personalities. This should spread out to the whole Zion of Finland, to the churches and to the whole Body of Christ. Freedom of child of God and holy carelessness. When you have once tasted these kind of depths you won’t be any more satisfied with dead religiosity (even though respect to everybody on their own level, but prayer for freedom). Snowball effect of love: when God’s real nature = both justice and love will spread all around Finland and the spreading of fire will happen, then revival will be reality.
– Heidi

Day of Prophetic Practise 11/2019 TURKU

Wonderful blessed day. Thank you Miisu and Markus for what you shared today. God wants to lift up believers, to make one Body of Christ – church, where every believer gets to serve and belong to. Thank you for this vision and for equipping. I also want leave a prayer request. Somebody didn’t have boldness to come even though felt the calling to come. Prayer is needed so that believers would get boldness to step into the calling that God has prepared for them.

Day of Prophetic Practise 11/2019 TURKU

There was sweet and freeing atmosphere of the Holy Spirit where you’ll get encouraged to bring forth and share the message from the Spirit of God. I also had a personal encounter, which was a prayer answer and progress for my thing. The practical exercises were creative, inspiring where I started to flow. Good teaching! Worship time at the beginning was a foundation upon which the Holy Spirit got to come and fill and free His temples. Blessings, Maarit Lange. Ps. I wouldn’t want that Miisu would quit. 

Day of Praise and Prophetic Prayer 8/2019 Lappeenranta

Power Prayer was an adventure which challenged my own fears and prejudices. God needs people to be open for His love and to share it to others. Miisu is bold and a teacher who utilizes humor. I didn’t know what to expect and it was good in that way. The Holy Spirit always surprises you!

– Laura

Day of Praise and Prophetic Prayer 8/2019 Lappeenranta

I’m thankful I got to participate in this course. I received boldness and understanding about the leading of the Holy Spirit. The exercises were diverse and it was very good to receive encouragement like “don’t be afraid of mistakes, but look again to Jesus and let the Holy Spirit lead you”.

– Leila

Power Prayer weekend 6/2019 KOUVOLA

Therapy weekend : )
Really wonderful : )
Jesus has become closer in a completely new way =)
Completely surprising how the Holy Spirit can operate also through me!
I came with a doubt in my mind after another person recommended this weekend to me and I jumped into a completely unknown and it was really worth of it =)
Mind blowing weekend : )
Freeing, joy releasing : )
I should draw smileys all over this piece of paper, but I don’t have energy to do that =)

Power of God conference 5/2019 HELSINKI

I felt the seminar was really good (I was there only on Saturday for the power prayer session 11 am – 5 pm). If I lived more close by I’d have come also on Sunday and would have also stayed for the evening sessions on Saturday. I have been missing something like this for a long time. There was such a wonderful presence of the Holy Spirit and enormous peace and joy for the whole time.
Through worship dance, meaning that you worship with your whole being you receive a completely new dimension and power for the worship. I have been doing that of course also before but not for that long of time and not in such an atmosphere of freedom. Also for thirsty ones it was such a blessing that there were different kinds of practices we did and that we prayed for many times for one another. The session as a whole was really a success.
Only thing that I would have wanted to continue for a longer time due to my own situation was that section where we were praying in tongues. I started to get free and I felt that something was loosening up in my throat and I started to feel something bubbling up and I started to form words with my lips. Other people have seen praying in tongues as a gift from the Holy Spirit for me and somebody has even said what that language might be and I have been speaking something a couple of times at home but I’m not quite sure if that is part of that gift. So I’d like to be in the same kind of situation where I could try to practise without distractions and even for a longer time. But I believe that God will lead me into that in His timing.

– Heidi

Power of God conference 5/2019 HELSINKI

The day at Esy was WONDERFUL. It was just complete pampering from the beginning until the end.

Amazing atmosphere. Wonderful joy of freedom and beautiful presence of the Holy Spirit. With my whole heart and soul I enjoyed with every breath. It felt like I had been in the field full of flowers and would have been fascinated by the beautiful fragrance of the flowers. And then the Heavenly Father picked up the unique perfect flowers for me and every flower brought a wonderful encouraging message to me.

So I received a huge amount of encouragement and prophecies.

For me the whole day was just the extra bonus from God! And your whole team was absolutely wonderful ! But again Pirjo (from the team) brought me a very special message from the heart of God so I couldn’t do anything else but to cry as it touched me so deeply.

Then I was really happy as I got my friend Heli to come with me and it was great to see that also she got to receive really a lot. And Heli got really a revelation from that what Markus shared when he said something like “that the river of God’s grace is different to everybody”. This was such a significant revelation to Heli! Because she has just struggled with the thing that she can’t jump into the river in the same way as many others.

– Mirva

Power Prayer seminars 2018 TURKU

Power Prayer seminar days have been super-great and I recommend them warmly. It’s great and important that everybody will find their gifts and will be able to start to use them for ministering to others. This we need more in the churches – creativity, playfulness, learning and getting built up with others, getting free to be children of God. It’s wonderful that everybody can jump into the river and to be seen and heard, take new steps in a safe atmosphere and receive encouragement from others. In this kind of fellowship and in the guidance of the Holy Spirit we can grow and we will be fed as we will be able to bless others with our giftings and receive from others. These seminar days strengthened my gifts and calling and it was wonderful to see that great richness that the Father has given to each one of His children and it’s time for this to come forth.

When you come together everybody has something to give.
1. Cor. 14:26

Inka Tuomarila
Life with the Lamb