Poetry inspired and led by the Holy Spirit is a wonderful way to pray and prophesy for another person. Many of my poems are very deep, healing poems. Some of my poems are full of life, fun and geared towards children. All of them I have however written with prayer.

When you read these poems do it together with the Holy Spirit and let Him open them up to you in your own life. Even though some of the poems have names of other people in them, you can also place your name in them and see if the Holy Spirit will speak personally to you through the poems. Let Him touch your heart and if there is pain rising up from your heart, deal with it in prayer boldly being led by the Holy Spirit and give Him a chance to bring peace and joy and the beginning of new life into your heart in the place of pain.

Have heart touching moments when reading the poems !

– Miisu Piipari

Happy, joyful, for children

The Loveliness of Aleksi

His little feet scuttle, funnily skitter.

Little arms stretch out for a tight hug.

The call of the eyes enraptures and drills into the depth of your soul.
Their demand keeps you tight in their grip and will not let you go.

However, however I see a little moment of hesitancy in those eyes full of the joy of life;
How much do you love me ? Am I your own, your beloved ?

You searched my inmost being out and found what you were looking for, my love for you and OH, you are again ready for laughter and singing.

Darling !

Fox’s hunt

The fox creeps in the forest shade, following a path of scents.
Watching every breeze of wind, looking for a treat.
On the tongue smells like a good catch,
the teeth are already creaking together.

There it flashed, a small mouse, the fox behind it at a rapid pace.
Just as it’s teeth grabbed, there was a sore hawk’s wing in the neck.

There it hung, the son of fox, miserable oh and ooh.
Life is not fair when I don’t get freely swing.

Words (27.6.2017)
Blessed words are thrown into the winds of heaven, sometimes building into sentences, sometimes fighting and squabbling about their place.
I have the privilege of being the first, chuffs “the blessed”, for I am a holy word.
I refuse to be the last!, screams “the last”.
A jumble of words in my ears as they push each other, poking space for itself, giggling and howling.
Then silence – and all the words lined up.
There they are, and no one is poking each other.
I read them carefully word for word,
letting my gaze caress everyone gently;
Blessed words from the author’s hand
bringing peace.

Character descriptions, deep and hope bringing

You are lovely!

She wonders and realizes, watches all that is beautiful.
Only one thing is missing, she thinks: my spirit and the Spirit of God together.
How is that possible?

You stare at your own picture,
mirror that distorts.
You look from all different angles and finally you notice,
how close I was and for how long.

Your soul was shivering under my fingers, pulled itself into a swag and came back again.
You felt that familiar agony but only for a moment and then you remembered me again.

Me who whispered life into all the little nooks of your soul,
I released that rose-colored dance, I brought joy,
fair verdant growth.

I looked at my beautiful flower.
I was thinking of my love for you and was wondering, is there anything better?
Is there anything more lovely than my beloved Maarit who flourishes in God’s love and in the house of peace.

You are lovely!

Silence  (Helsinki, June 29th, 2017)

You looked out the window
Your hand touched the fluffy flower

You bent it back to life
You lifted its roots and set them back into their place.

You breathed air into the smallest buds,
Showed them how to bloom

Even the most pitiful,
You raised up with your gentle gaze.

You supported your husband
Set him free to live.
You gave up your rights
And agreed to simply be.

You shared with others what you could
So that they would live well.
You let them be in peace,
And did not force anyone,
You lived out an example and were a role model.

And I respected you.
I respected your choice
to not distress anyone.


A sweet word from underneath the ocean. Longing, love and the desperate need to empty one’s heart, to achieve freedom. Dried up tears, which strike against the face and shed their own sorrow.

I am crushed – but not willing to collapse! something inside of me is shouting.
Is it perhaps my stubborn Finnish heritage. Let my soul cry out in agony as long as it desires, but I will not give up.

Rebellion tires me, and I am sinking into the boring mode of surrender. May the others shout out and survive, I can no longer. Why should I be better than someone else?

No! shouts a persistent voice even louder somewhere deep inside. Alright, I give in. I must try again.

I breathe in oxygen for my lungs and I notice myself floating on a warm ocean surface. The little waves stroke my cheeks and compensate the loss of oxygen from the depths.

How easy it is for everyone else, but poor me, I simply face trials without an end.

Just a few more strokes to the shore. Dragging my tired body after a long dive, I reach the border between earth and water. What if I remain here and let myself erode amongst the other dead plants.

I sigh and know I have already lost the fight. I still would not give up nor be neglectful. I simply am not. I am beautiful, despite my anger and exhaustion.

I am beautiful because I have received life. I am beautiful because you made me. I am beautiful because you are. I exist because of you. That is the essence of it all. From your depths springs forth life. You are life and I am your daughter. Beautiful and relentless.

Rest  (Helsinki October 3rd 2017)

I learned from you how to rest.
You showed me the path to rest.
Everything faded from my mind,
the hard words from my mouth,
the vile speeches from my tongue.

Look, I am Father who loves you.
Father who desires your best.
Share my words and rest with others.
Carry my love on your tongue, carry my joy inside of you.

Foxes in their dens prey on the innocent.
Let me show them to you.
Don’t be afraid, look for them with me.

Blessed Father and blessed child.
Blessed are your words in my mouth.

Love My Children (prophecy poem 7.9.2017)

I love you Jesus.
You flooded into my heart like a bird’s song.
I stumble in my life but move forward.
I am not afraid of anything when you are with me.
I love you Jesus.

Trust me my child, you say.
And I trust but sometimes I’m afraid.
That’s why you take me by the hand, squeeze it and say, there’s nothing to worry about.
Come here next to me and let us just sit in peace.
Then my fear disappears.

I understand what you are trying to say, Father.
I understand that you want to comfort.
But I look everywhere in horror
and I see the wickedness of men.
If only they were kinder, friendlier, more comforting, more compassionate.
If only they weren’t hard at heart and wouldn’t want to hit.

Let me tell you a secret, he said.
When I sent you into this world,
I gave you the right to live.
I sent you with a mission.
Not only with my love but also with my mission.

You grabbed the mission and did it so well
and you are still on that path.
Don’t be afraid, you’re doing well, even in the future.
Even if the barbed wires scratch your skin, you will not waver.
You last!

Let me seek the secrets of your heart.
Let me hear your song.
Let me see your smile
when you sit next to me.
I love you my child.
It’s so wonderful to just be together.

Don’t worry about so many.
Focus on what I tell you and take care of it.
Surely you have a good heart
but you can’t help everyone.
Help those I bring to you.

Here is the word of life for you.
Love my children
as I have loved them.
Don’t be afraid to take action though
the situation would seem miserable and impossible.
If I bring him to you,
you sort the matter out because I sort it out.
That is what you know; that most impossible case will be resolved
and you love them the most.

Remember to rest my darling, for in me there is strength abundantly for you
and at rest you get it.

John 3: 1 and 10

Walk the path of love with me,
and fear not the word no.
I declare through you by the works of your hands,
your love and grace.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Messenger (Helsinki, 3.10.2017)

Discuss quietly.
Carry one word at a time to the correct address.
The hand of rest carries calmly, with respect.
The hand of rest remembers the language of love.

Trust me when you carry the message.
Make sure you don’t forget to take Jesus with you.
Bless the messenger and trust God.

The Calling (Poem for Minna 08/2018)

Answering the calling (this poem tells about the calling and preparing for it. It is a dialogue between the called one and the Father)

Leave, ready to receive,
full of joy and desire to build.
Longing for more and striving for peace.
When can I already leave to release?
When the new wave to raise?

Are my people ready?
Are they ready to receive?
Is there a need for a better day?

It’s me, I am ready.
Take me, let me go.

I’ll take you,
I’ll carry you.
Before that, however, I prepare the heart,
new, gorgeous, wonderful.
I give it a solid foundation,
to carry the burden of love,
to win a bitter heart and create a new beginning.

That will I give to you, my beloved!

Fighter  (09/2018)

Shame covered my life until I learned to rely on you.
Then I received the light in my eyes and ran the good race.

The weight is heavy, the pain of many hearts;
I carried my mother, father, brother, children and myself.

I got stuck with the burden, I cried quietly by myself and wondered:
how did this all come about?

“Keep going just a little longer and rely on me,” He bid, so I dragged myself.
Sore feet and swollen ankles,
scratching with my fingernails the rest of the journey.

I finally had enough courage to take the scariest step of all – to surrender.
I surrendered myself to you;
Either you are my God or just a figment of my imagination.

I placed you in the bed to lie down, to discover yourself and rest.
There, close to your soul side by side, we became knitted together.
Like stickers glued to one another and more.

I showered you with love, what you had for so long feared yet desired.

There I blessed you and you changed.
I helped you embrace life,
Although different than what you had anticipated.

I am no longer a feeble wretch but rather a leader of an army.
How did it come about and how is it even possible?
I raise my questions to the heavens.
There I have time to hear and listen.
Now I simply run hand in hand with Jesus to fight the good fight.

Life (09/2018)

(Man’s speech to God)
I surrender, I surrender
like a broken branch or a charring tree.

I don’t look at the amount of my suffering,
and I don’t measure pain with a measure.

I trust you even if I would die.
I look confidently and wait for your mercy.

I have seen your great power,
respected your look reinforcing.
I have bet across the head of evil
and delivered your people as you have asked.

Now, Father, be merciful to me and look at me.
Receive my cry in the wind and carry it to rest.
Soothe my crackling mouth and heal the wounds of the heart.

(Father’s answer)

Lightly, lightly, from rest.
Carried by the wind, a child given to peace.
I lull to sleep and rest
and I will put peace in your heart.

I looked and helped survive.
Now is the time to leave and arise to life. To life.

Blessed child! (21.9.2018)

God’s peace, God’s rest,
blessed are you a child of God.

You will still wind,
cast fire on the earth.
Resolve violent disputes,
act as a bridge between people
but now you and I, we are one.

Now it is time for rest.
Now it is the time for era of peace.
Now I am resting in you
and I will confirm you.

Lightly, calmly as
peaceful flame of candle.
With beauty and tenderness,
I release in you a love new.

You declare and love,
you will release my people,
but now you and I, we are one.

Hidden wisdom, beauty great,
taking care and walking in rest,
that is what it is now.

Blessed child!

The gift of love from Father to daughter (08/2018)

No doubt you will come to mind when I think about change.
I changed your life and turned a page in your book.
It was no longer black and gloomy and gray turned to light.
You couldn’t expect that. At first you didn’t believe it to be true.
Gradually you became accustomed to my presence and enjoyed the serenity of the Lord.

I told you about Jesus and I told you about gentleness and love.
You wonder if it’s possible for you to get it too.
Is it possible to own something like that?

You looked at yourself in my arms and burst into tears.
You saw the clothes ugly and miserable, full of holes and dirt.
How so ugly can receive love so wonderful?
You tried to leave sad, away of my hand.

I pressed you against my chest and took to the best care.
I kept you close and just loved you, without judgment at all.


Gradually you melted and became happy again.
You noticed the beautiful things in life.
You looked and saw others who needed the same.

I brought you to them to tell about love
and to your astonishment, your garments were beautiful and shimmering.

Full of love and wonder, you told what had happened.
How the Lord had changed you, changed you so
that you still didn’t mean to believe it.

One by one you brought them to me and I loved them.
One by one you showed the way of life.
One by one you loved because I had loved.

Brought up in power (October 2, 2018)

Eternity to spend,
waiting for the Promised Land.
A bigger life ahead of you,
past journey already behind you.

From rest given birth into a new life.
Raised from peace and
molded with joy.
That’s what I am like,
a child of God.

Powerfully going forward,
boldly into a new era.
From rest into challenges
taught to live by faith.

Carved into the image of God,
into a beautiful, wonderful life.
Caught in the embrace of love
and set free to be whole.

A secured refuge,
guarantees healthy growth and
fierce leaps of faith.

Go and fly, child!
Go and fly!

A survivor of life (October 1, 2018)

Born out of pain
pulled from deep waters.
A unique creation of God.

From mangy rags
to joy and peace.
From love to rest
and from pursuit of approval to self-esteem;
built on the rock of God.

From a beautiful stone I have fashioned you.
From outrageous dreams
and the miracle of creativity.
The angels in your dreams,
a master of skillful aerobatics.

You saw many miserable seekers,
you were horrified at their number.
You gathered them into your care
and cried out for God’s help.
Turn toward them, Father
and heal their hearts.
Help them to help others and to pass on the bread of life.

Reach toward heaven,
brush against the Kingdom of God.
Release God’s intimacy and look at the surface of a soul.
Place the intimacy on the surface and plunge love deep beneath.
This is how we will survive,
together we will go forward.

You will survive, you will survive.

Dare to be mistaken (in Espoo, June 5, 2019)

You proclaim love to the ends of the earth,
and you stopped to listen: did anyone hear it?

You screamed a little louder and checked to see if that made any difference.
What on earth! Why can’t I get this message through?
you puffed in annoyance.

I will teach you a way, much more loved,
lighter to travel, would you be interested to hear?

Go on, then, you huffed, frustrated,
tell me, because nothing else is helping.

I have prepared an easy way,
a way on which you won’t get lost.
There are no unnecessary turns on that way,
no unpleasant twists, just a straight road.

I will tell you what to do and you will obey, what do you think?

But how will I know what you’re telling me–I can’t distinguish your voice!

But you just did, when you so vehemently argue against me,
you said, with laughter in your heart.

How about you take a chance and listen and do accordingly,
trusting the power of the word and discernment based on the word.
Take the ten commandments as your guideline and enjoy the ride.
Oh, how much I enjoy it when I get to do this with you.
I will help you with everything.

But there’s one observation I want to say.
Well, what is it? you ask.

Dare to be mistaken and surrender to me.
See if I will catch you.

Loved one is you!

The heart of a child of God rests on the palm of a great hand.
God loves and strengthens the child.

(God speaks)
The story of the loved one does not leave My heart
and restlessness does not send her away from My closeness.

Walk with Me a moment, not more.
Walk in peace, without pressure and just be.

A withdrawn heart does not burst without love.
Its stiffness and strength is based on being isolated,
dodging the circumstances and being silent on the problem.

Light and close, that’s what I am to you loved one.
Lightly also you will learn to be My loved one and of theirs who are close to Me/you
By being just as you are.

Be you and loved one!

The Walk (in Helsinki, August 1st, 2020)

 Anxiety welled up and immediately went down like a waterfall.

I experienced a sense of relief and a fierce change of direction. 

Hope – hit my consciousness and I understood the possibility: everything is actually possible for me, but I don’t know where to go.

I kept hitting myself to a rock and tried to force myself to the direction I wanted.
Too heavy, too heavy. Why is this not working?

I remembered God. He can advise me on the direction and tell me where I need to go.

I became dependent on God.
On every word that came out of him. As if exhausted from thirst in the desert, I waited for the next drop. And when it came, I was intoxicated by the power of the words and the freedom.

In Him is my walk and my strength. He is my home: Jesus

Boldness (Espoo 9.2.2021)

Love is an amazing journey;
new discoveries and pain coming forth.

I believed that I would find You
but it was You who found me!

Why was I astonished by it, when You were my mirror,
my future – my everything.

You reflected me and loved what You saw.

Change is peace, You said,
and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to believe it.

Believe me, You said, and firmly I decided,
that’s what I will do.

Change is not the goal but the boldness to have
me as your Father.

A Father who loves and desires good,
regardless of how you feel.

Tell me how that happens.
Tell me, how I can do it, I whispered.

Only by letting me come close and be good to you.

I dare (Pori, February 12th, 2022)

I invited you to see,
to learn new things,
to be amazed at the creation,
the beauty therein.

You loved what you saw and learned to appreciate the Creator.
You cut your umbilical cord to the past and admired me, your future.

Would you be ready to dare more – ready to jump into the unknown?
Would you be ready to believe and trust, to see and experience?

Listen and join me,
your Father